Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Days, Weeks and Hours

where people flow, Philadelphia, PA (2009)

In suburbia, one sneaks out of the familial house in order to find peace from the stoney silence of the bedrooms and hallways. Outside the air is crisp and autumn cool. Dogs bark, crickets chirp and the steady hum of traffic from the interstate half a mile down the road becomes a rhythmic lullaby.

I let myself lie down in the grass, too late to worry if my head was going to be inch high in dog shit. My jacket swallowed me and I felt myself sighing and yet with each deep exhale there was no release. I still feel pent up, pinned down, unable to locate any source of contentedness. The suburbs, this city, this whole experience feels like a cage.

Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels to Be Something On from the album How It Feels to Be Something On (Sub Pop, 1998)

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